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The College welcomes feedback from students during the academic year. Several instruments and surveys are used to gather information, data, and comments which help the institution to address any matters which need attention.

The College seeks to be a student-centered campus to facilitate a nurturing and positive learning environment.

The College will facilitate opportunities for students to respond to a variety of instruments to improve its services. Collected data is carefully considered, analyzed and used for planning and addressing various aspects of college life. Gathered data will also help to determine the extent of student learning and development according to certain measures and benchmarks. These efforts will be used to improve the quality and services that the College hopes to provide for its students.


The mission, objectives, and values of Summit Pacific College are intentional so that its activities lead to the following Institutional Outcomes with regard to our students:

Growth in Biblical Literacy

Summit endeavors to increase each student’s understanding of the Bible and Christian Doctrine.

Spirit Empowered Ministry

As a college that prepares quite a few of its students for ministry (professional or volunteer) within the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC), our desire is for students to understand and practice a vibrant Pentecostal Spirituality.

Wholistic Learning

Together with the College’s goals for Biblical and theological literacy, graduates should reflect clear thinking and writing skills, as well as a high level of competency in their chosen program.

Mature Biblical Discipleship and Leadership

A student should be a growing disciple of Jesus Christ, with a renewed mind, whose life and relationships reflect the nature of our Lord. A growing disciple of Christ will practice spiritual disciplines and follow both the Great Commission and Great Commandment.

Integrate, understand and engage culture.

Graduates will be called upon to live out their faith in cultures where the Christian faith is increasingly marginalized. They must understand the characteristics of a Christian worldview and be able to practically apply that knowledge to how they live.

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