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MISSION STATEMENT: Summit Pacific College exists to educate, equip and enrich Christians for Spirit-empowered ministry in the Church and in the world.

VALUES: In the fulfillment of our mission, Summit Pacific College stands for a number of core values:

  • the academic study of the Old & New Testament Scriptures, which provide knowledge of all Bible truth and a Christian worldview;
  • the need for an authentic, experiential and passionate relationship with God, made possible through faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ;
  • the person of the Holy Spirit, who fills believers and works His multi-faceted gifts in them for Spirit-empowered ministry;
  • Christ’s great commission and His command to love God and neighbour. This value is evidenced as believers worship God, serving His interests through evangelism and care giving, with excellence and creativity;
  • the Church as the redeemed community of faith who seek to live genuine spiritual, influential lives in society and;
  • a Biblical leadership ethic and skills that emulate the servant leadership of Jesus.

These values are the driving focus of what Summit desires to be in furthering God's kingdom. Everything Summit does is based on the compelling desire to further the kingdom of God in a challenging and changing world.

EMPLOYEE CULTURE: To achieve the mission, values, and desirable outcomes for students who attend Summit Pacific College, the staff of the college are committed to these core ideals:

  • To Educate with Academic Excellence;
  • To Equip with Purpose and
  • To Enrich with Authenticity

Based on our mission and values, our Institutional Outcomes for students are threefold:

TO EDUCATE: developing the Student's intellectual aptitudes (formal learning)

  • Grow in understanding of the Bible (core courses)
  • Grow in understanding of Christian doctrine and practice
  • Develop and deepen a Christian world view
  • Cultivate critical and reflective thinking processes
  • Develop academic skills to facilitate life-long thinking

TO EQUIP: enhancing the application of learning (practice)

  • Grow in disciplines and skills to be used for effective, practical ministry
  • Evaluate, understand and engage the culture in which they live
  • Understand personal leadership competencies
  • Exhibit ability to lead others

TO ENRICH: facilitating growth in Christian experience & character (spiritual growth)

  • Progress in personal spiritual formation
  • Exhibit holistic personal growth - including emotional, spiritual, social and physical
  • Grow in the understanding of Christian service
  • Appreciate the importance of the local church and participate in a growing Christian community.
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