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  • All truth ultimately is God's truth. God exists both as the source and final object of all that can be known. Thus, the pursuit of truth is the pursuit of God. He is to be found primarily through the pages of Holy Scripture, but also through nature, history, and human conscience. In all areas in which the Scripture speaks, truth is confirmed when the scholar's insights plainly accord with the declaration of the Scripture.
  • Knowing His truth involves submission to Him. Although humans possess the capacity to learn, in their natural state they also possess a resistance towards God and His truth. A wholehearted commitment to Jesus Christ is an essential prerequisite to the unprejudiced pursuit of truth. When people truly submit to Jesus Christ, they reject prior prejudices
  • A teacher-learning situation in a Christian setting challenges the student to the highest possible level of applied skills. Christian teachers and learners ought to be outstanding examples among all others. But beyond the conscientious application of time and energy, and the pursuit of the best of informed procedures, there is a vital spiritual relationship. Christian scholars also seek to develop a responsive submission to the Holy Spirit. They recognize that when one is pursuing God's truth, the learning process must take place in and of the Holy Spirit. This divine Spirit must be made an essential partner who expands and validates the roles of both teachers and learners.
  • An educational program that meets the needs of the student creatively and actively integrates faith and learning, as well as faith and culture: It admits God to all realms. It communicates understanding concerning the work of God in history and the claims of Christ in a contemporary world. The graduate is prepared to face today's society as a spokesperson of the truth of the living God and to provide Christian leadership in the world.
  • A God-oriented worldview embraces the whole person: The goal of the learning process is not merely an informed intellect, but a mature and stable human with sound and worthy values. The graduates of Summit’s programs will usefully serve humanity in this life, and seek to qualify abundantly for the reward of God in the life to come. Graduates will strive for Christian maturity of the highest calibre, will honour the name of God, and will purpose to bless humankind.
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