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Summit Pacific College Distance Education programs are intended for mature students who, due to life circumstances, are unable or are unlikely to be able to attend the Abbotsford campus. Summit Pacific College reserves the right to deny acceptance.

  • A definite experience of Christian conversion is required of all successful applicants. Applicants should be practicing Christians and have regularly attended a local church for at least one year.
  • Evidence of a sound Christian character is expected. Applicants must be living in accordance with accepted Christian standards and be free from worldly habits and practices.
  • Applicants must provide information about involvement in ongoing Christian service within the church or community. A Student Ministry Self Placement form is included with the Application for Admission packet. Ministry leaders will be contacted annually for an assessment of the student's involvement. Students are required to submit an updated Student Ministry Self Placement form each September. The student's pastor will be asked to provide an additional assessment of the student prior to approval for graduation.
  • Applicants for the Bachelor of Theology Degree (B.Th.) and Pastoral Ministries Diploma programs must be at least 25 years of age. (This restriction does does NOT apply to students registering for RoMER Certificate and Leadership Certificate programs. Students accumulating credits in preparation for attending Summit Pacific College as an on-campus student, students enrolled as a Campus Missionary in Training with University Christian Ministries or students taking individual courses without attempting to complete a particular program are also exempt from this requirement.)
  • Applicants should be high school graduates with Canadian Grade 12 or its equivalent in U.S. or international systems.
  • Applicants who did not complete high school are assessed on an individual basis by the Admissions Committee. Whenever possible, high school studies should be renewed and graduation achieved. In some cases an equivalency exam may be arranged (G.E.D.).

When submitting the Application for Admission the applicant must include the non-refundable Application for Admission fee of $50.00.


The college continues to accept applicants who desire specific courses and do not intend to complete a program. Students may register for up to four (4) courses without applying for admission to the college. When the fourth course is completed, the student will be required to submit a Statement of Intent indicating his/her intention to continue as a casual student or to enroll in one of the Distance Education programs.

Students who

  • are studying for personal interest,
  • are accumulating credits in preparation for attendance and enrolment in one of the college's on-campus programs,
  • are enrolled in the Campus Missionary In Training Program,
  • are fulfilling credential requirements or
  • who only need specific courses

are not required to apply for formal admission to a program and may continue their studies.

When registering the casual (part-time) applicant pays the non-refundable Initial Application fee of $30.00.

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