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Students wishing to enrol in the Pastoral Ministry Degree, Pastoral Ministry Diploma, Church Ministry Certificate, Youth Ministry ROMER, Youth Ministry, Child and Family Ministry or ROMER Certificate programs must apply for entrance to these programs via the college’s full Application for Admission process.

Students who are studying for personal interest or who are accumulating credits in preparation for attendance and enrolment in one of the college’s on-campus programs may continue to do so. However, they should submit their Statement of Intent form to inform the college of their plans. Students enrolled in the Campus Missionary In Training program should also submit a Statement of Intent indicating their involvement in that program.

Apply on-line: click here

If you prefer to download and print the forms, the Application for Admission packet is available for download here: Students who do not have internet access should contact the Distance Education office in order to receive a packet.

What is the difference between the Initial Application and the Application for Admission?

  • The Initial Application is a form submitted when the student desires to pursue casual studies with Summit Pacific College Distance Education. The student may enroll in up to three (3) courses without further action. If the student is not interested in completing a program via Distance Education, then the only subsequent action necessary is filling in the Statement of Intent indicating that the student wishes to continue with casual (part-time) studies. This would apply to students who are taking courses in preparation for attending the college (on-campus), those who only need a few courses, those who are studying for personal interest or those who are enrolled in the Campus Missionaries in Training Program. The Initial Application Form and Statement of Intent forms are available for download here.
    The non-refundable Initial Application fee is $30.00.
  • The Application for Admission is a more comprehensive process. This is a formal Application for Admission to the college. This is for students who intend to complete one of the Distance Education programs. It is identical to the process that students go through when they apply to attend the college (on-campus). All forms must be completed and returned to the Summit Pacific College Admissions Office. Applications for Admission are examined by the college Admissions Committee. Applicants will be notified by letter of the decision of the Admissions Committee.
    The non-refundable Application for Admission Fee is $50.00.
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