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A student would be subject to dismissal from the college for reasons such as:

  • Refusal to pay an account or deceptive or dishonest financial dealings with the college.
  • Submitting work obviously not his or her own and refusing to correct the situation when requested to do so.
  • Adopting a lifestyle in deliberate rejection of Biblical standards and flaunting that lifestyle so that it comes to the attention of Summit Pacific Distance Education’s personnel.
  • Submitting work that obviously and deliberately mocks the college academic standards or that similarly mocks the beliefs for which the college stands.

Should such a situation occur, and the student reject the Director’s request to withdraw voluntarily, then the student would be dismissed in the sense that no further courses would be supplied.

The decision to impose dismissal may be made by the Director, plus two of the college’s faculty members, in a formally enacted motion in a regular or specially called meeting.

A student who believes he or she is unfairly dismissed may appeal. The appeal should be considered by a committee, consisting of the full faculty of the Distance Education Department, including the Director. The chairperson of this ad hoc appeal committee should be selected by a nominating committee of three faculty members and he or she should be an officer of Summit Pacific College, not otherwise involved in the Distance Education Department.

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