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Exam Supervisor (Proctor)
  • Summit Pacific's Correspondence courses require an Exam Supervisor to oversee the writing of all exams. The student should make an arrangement with his/her Pastor or some other suitable person to be the exam supervisor.
  • Qualifications and responsibilities of Exam Supervisors are provided on the back of the Exam Supervisor Application Form.
  • When the person has been selected and has agreed to be the student's exam supervisor, the Application for Exam Supervisor form should be completed. Both the student and the exam supervisor must complete and sign different sections of the form. The student should then return the form to the college. This should be done as early as possible. The college will then send the Exam Supervisor the exams for the course. The student does not need to submit a new exam supervisor application form for each course. The Exam Supervisor form will be kept on file and exams will be sent to the exam supervisor each time the student orders a course. The student should notify the Distance Education office as soon as possible if there is to be a change of Exam Supervisor.
  • Download the form here:
Who can be an Exam Supervisor?
  • An exam supervisor can be any of the following: pastor, church secretary, board member, teacher (elementary, secondary or post secondary) or librarian (professionally employed). It is the expectation that most students' exam supervisor will be their pastor.
  • An exam supervisor CANNOT be a relative, someone the student lives with, someone the student is dating, someone who is a direct supervisor at work or someone for whom the student is a direct supervisor at work.

When the student returns the Exam Supervisor application form, the exams for the course along with instructions are mailed to the exam supervisor. The college will not contact the student regarding the Exam Supervisor unless it is felt that there is a problem with their qualifications.

If the college becomes aware of irregularities in the handling of exams, a student may be required to hire at his/her own expense a Notary Public to oversee the writing of exams. Serious irregularities in the handling of exams may result in dismissal from the school.

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