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Summit Pacific College uses the 4.3 grading system. The minimum mark for passing and receiving credit in a course is 50%. For those who wish equivalency in other systems, the following equivalencies are convenient:

A+90-100%4.3 grade points
A85-89%4.0 grade points
A-80-84%3.7 grade points
B+77-79%3.3 grade points
B73-76%3.0 grade points
B-70-72%2.7 grade points
C+67-69%2.3 grade points
C63-66%2.0 grade points
C-60-62%1.7 grade points
D+57-59%1.3 grade points
D53-56%1.0 grade points
D-50-52%0.7 grade points
FBelow 50%0 grade points

Students will be notified of their final grade by mail 4 - 6 weeks after a course is completed.

All assignments, papers, book reports, exams, notes and any other material required in a particular course must be submitted for grading or no final grade will be issued for the course.


Summit Pacific College uses the following instruments to ensure course integrity and to provide for institutional assessment.

  • All applicants (full time and casual studies) are required to provide a Declaration of Guarantor form which confirms their identity.
  • Students are required to attest by way of a form, that they are the author of all written material submitted for grading.
  • A course feedback survey instrument is issued to each student when they have completed their course. The college appreciates student time spent reflecting on their course learning experience.
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