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Summit Pacific College uses the 4.3 grading system. The minimum mark for passing and receiving credit in a course is 50%. For those who wish equivalency in other systems, the following equivalencies are convenient:

A+90-100%4.3 grade points
A85-89%4.0 grade points
A-80-84%3.7 grade points
B+77-79%3.3 grade points
B73-76%3.0 grade points
B-70-72%2.7 grade points
C+67-69%2.3 grade points
C63-66%2.0 grade points
C-60-62%1.7 grade points
D+57-59%1.3 grade points
D53-56%1.0 grade points
D-50-52%0.7 grade points
FBelow 50%0 grade points

Students will be notified of their final grade by mail 4 - 6 weeks after a course is completed.

All assignments, papers, book reports, exams, notes and any other material required in a particular course must be submitted for grading or no final grade will be issued for the course.

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