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Evaluation of the student’s performance in ministry is an important part of the Distance Education program at Summit Pacific College. Students who are enrolled in Summit Pacific College Distance Education programs are expected to be meaningfully involved in ministry while enrolled with the school. It is recognized that some individuals may have multiple ministry involvements. Students are asked to list one ministry in which they are involved.

A Student Ministry Self Placement Form must be submitted when the student is accepted into a program and each year as long as the student is enrolled with SPC's Distance Education program.
Download the form here.

A new form must be submitted if there is a change of ministries.

Each year the student must provide the college with these forms in order to remain in good standing

Upon application for graduation, the student’s pastor will be asked to provide an assessment of the student’s church and ministry performance prior to approval for graduation.

Information and forms are available from Dr. Coats.

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