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The college is pleased to give credit for prior studies in accredited colleges and universities. Those with previous college or university studies should have their previous school(s) submit a transcript and request an evaluation for transfer credit.

There are two important restrictions:

  • Courses with a grade lower than "C" will not be transferred
  • If the incoming student did not graduate from the college he or she previously attended, the transferred credits cannot amount to more than one half of the courses required to complete the program.
  • Summit Pacific Distance Education does not grant credit for life experience. By its very nature, distance education assumes adult maturity and appropriate backgrounds for all students. The college fulfills the educational portion of preparation for a more useful involvement in Christian service, but students are expected also to be preparing themselves through practical life experience. Thus, life experience receives no additional credit.
  • Because not all educators accept Distance Education, Summit Pacific Distance Education cannot guarantee transferability. In practice, however, courses are being widely accepted for transfer to other colleges that are accredited.
  • Where college transfer is important to the student, he or she should query the institution to which transfer is planned in this regard.

As illustrated in the following chart, these courses may be transferred to another of Summit Pacific's certificate, diploma or degree programs

SPC Distance EducationSummit Pacific College On Campus Studies
ENGL 102 C Academic and Theological CompositionWRTG 100 Writing in the University Context
ENGL 103 C Intro to Literature AENGL 103 Intro to Literature A
ENGL 104 C Intro to Literature BENGL 104 Intro to Literature B
PHIL 105 C Intro to PhilosophyPHIL 105 Intro to Philosophy
PSYC 106 C Intro to PsychologyPSYC 106 Intro to Psychology
BIBL 111 C Bible SurveyBIBL 111 Bible Survey
BUSI 111 C Church Admin & Bus.BUS 111 Introduction to Business
BIBL 113 C HermeneuticsBIBL 113 Hermeneutics #
BIBL 114 C PentateuchBIBL 114 Pentateuch #
BIBL 115 C GospelsBIBL 115 Gospels #
BIBL 117 C HebrewsBIBL Elective
BIBL 125 C Biblical IntroductionBIBL Elective
RELS 132 C World MissionsRELS 132 Cross Cultural Studies #
RELS 133 C Religious ConversionRELS 133 Religious Conversion #
EDUC 142 C Principles of TeachingEDUC 142 Principles of Teaching #
HIST 172 C Hist. of Can. PentecostalsHIST 172 Hist. of the Pent. Church #
PHIL 210 C EthicsPHIL 210 Ethics
BIBL 211 C History Literature of OTBIBL 211 Historical Literature #
BIBL 212 C Acts of the ApostlesBIBL 212 Acts #
RELS 233 C Small GroupsPractics (RELS) Elective
RELS 234 C PreachingRELS 234 Expository Preaching #
GREE 235 C Elementary New Testament Greek IGREE 235 Introduction to New Testament Greek I
GREE 236 C Elementary New Testament Greek IIGREE 236 Introduction to New Testament Greek II
EDUC 241 C Youth CommunicationEDUC 241 Youth Communication
COUN 245 C Couns. Foundations ICOUN 245 Couns. Foundations I #
HIST 260 C Church HistoryGeneral Ed. Elective
BIBL 311 C Pauline LiteratureBIBL 311 Pauline Literature #
BIBL 312 C Major ProphetsBIBL 312 Prophetic Literature #
BIBL 316 C Eschatological LiteratureBIBL 316 Eschatological Literature
THEO 321 C PneumatologyTHEO 321 Biblical Theology of The Holy Spirit #
THEO 323 C Doctrine ITHEO 323 Doctrine I #
THEO 324 C Doctrine IITHEO 324 Doctrine II #
RELS 331 C Pastoral TheologyRELS 331 Pastoral Theology #
RELS 332 C Christianity and CultureRELS 332 Christianity and Culture
RELS 334 C Leadership DevelopmentRELS 334 Leadership Development
RELS 335 C Pastoral InternshipRELS 335 Pastoral Min. Internship
RELS 336 C Pastoral InternshipRELS 336 Pastoral Min. Internship
RELS 338 C Chaplaincy InternshipRELS 33* Pastoral Min. Internship
RELS 340 C Local Church Leadership & AdminRELS 340 Local Church Leadership & Admin
BIBL 413 C Minor ProphetsBIBL 413 Minor Prophets
BIBL 414 C Letters of Peter & JohnBIBL Elective
THEO 421 C N. T. TheologyTHEO 421 N. T. Theology
THEO 422 C O. T. TheologyTHEO 422 O. T. Theology
SCIE 448 C Natural Science SurveySCIE 448 Natural Science Survey
ENGL 474 C Modern Christian Lit.ENGL 474 Modern Christian Lit.
# Mandatory Pastoral Theology Diploma / Degree core courses

Those students who transfer Summit Pacific Distance Education courses to one of the college's degree programs are eligible for the Bachelor of Theology (B.Th.) degree. In order for a course to be considered for transfer the final mark should have a grade minimum of C or its equivalent.

Credits earned through Summit Pacific's Distance Education do not apply towards the B.A. degree program offered in affiliation with Trinity Western University (TWU).

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