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One of the ways that Summit Pacific College attempts to serve churches is to provide on-site extension courses. These are courses taught by Summit instructors in the local church for credit or for audit.

The college has worked out a variety of course schedules with churches over the years. Proximity to the college is a big factor in what does and does not work. The college is open to any schedule that might suit the needs of a particular church. The only considerations that need to be kept in mind are instructor availability and total hours of instruction (minimum 30 hours).

Churches may only host a maximum of three (3) courses per year.


Summit offers a variety of instructors with specialized talent to teach in individual churches. Some churches have invited our instructors to teach in their adult Sunday School. Others have used them for seminars, leadership training and board retreats.

Further information is available by contacting Dr. Coats.


The college is pleased to co-operate with churches that wish to conduct group studies using Correspondence Studies courses. An ideal situation would consist of a classroom with a church-appointed qualified class facilitator meeting regularly with enrolled students, guiding them in the completion of assignments and exams as prescribed by the published correspondence curriculum in the particular course.

The choice of courses from those offered by Summit Pacific Correspondence Studies is the prerogative of the host church, as well as the various matters concerning course scheduling (e.g. time, duration of the course, teaching methods).

Further information is available by contacting Dr. Coats.

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