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During the past year several course revisions were completed and a few certificates were added to the distance education offerings. The Child & Family Ministry Certificate and the Youth Ministry Certificate include 10 courses each to equip students for ministry in the church. For those who add the five courses for the Recognition of Ministry Education Requirements, they may earn the Youth Ministry Certificate and ROMER designation. Students may now begin these new programs and study while they continue ministry in local churches.

A new Apologetics course is also available as an elective or as required in some programs.

One of the major changes in correspondence course offerings is that programs will be transitioned into an online delivery system. While this process will take some time, a few courses using the Canvas Learning Management System will be available soon. Here are a few details concerning what this means:



Canvas Learning Mangement System

The college is introducing Canvas Learning Management System this year as our course delivery system. This provides students with access to courses. All students (on campus and off campus) will receive instruction and resources by means of Canvas. The Canvas system provides an excellent platform for learning.

Communication tools within Canvas support diverse learning techniques that can help to increase user engagement and interaction. These include:

  • Canvas Chat: Students and instructors can synchronously chat with other members in their courses and groups.
  • Canvas Collaborations: This shared space is provided for multiple users to work on collaborative projects in real-time.
  • Canvas Conferences: This built-in collaborative webcasting and presentation tool allows instructors and students to communicate through synchronous audio, video, and chat.
  • Canvas Groups: Instructors can manually create and assign students to groups for projects.
  • Canvas Conversations: This messaging service makes it easy for users to communicate at an individual, group, course, or system level.
  • Canvas Speedgrader: Students will be able to submit their assignments in a digital format for assessment and feedback. This facility will save time and money, reducing the need for paper, printing and other costs.

The Canvas online approach promotes student-centred learning that motivates students to become confident, capable, self-directed learners, able to adapt to current challenges in ministry and in the world. Canvas embraces principles, features and tools that support modern pedagogical design, including multiple methods of course delivery, innovative teaching, improved learning outcomes, better engagement and connections to the learning community.

More information on these changes is available by contacting Dr. Coats.

Dr. Chuck Coats, Director of Distance Education

Dr. Chuck Coats is the Director
of Summit Pacific College Distance Education.
Direct Telephone: (604) 851-7212
Toll Free: 1-800-976-8388
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