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The college accepts applicants who desire specific courses and do not intend to complete a program. Students may register for up to three (3) courses without applying for admission to the college. When the fourth course is completed, the student will be required to submit a Statement of Intent indicating his/her intention to continue as a casual student or to enroll in one of the Distance Education programs.

Students who

  • are studying for personal interest;
  • are accumulating credits in preparation for attendance and enrolment in one of the college‚Äôs on-campus programs;
  • are enrolled in the Campus Missionary in Training Program;
  • are fulfilling credential requirements; or
  • who only need specific courses

are not required to apply for formal admission to a program and may continue their studies.

When registering the casual (part-time) applicant pays the non-refundable Initial Application fee of $30.00.

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