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The Church Ministries Certificate Program consists of 60 semester hours of required and elective courses. This program is designed to provide students with a concentration of Bible related studies and basic skills and competencies for the sharing of one's faith. The Leadership Certificate fulfills the academic requirements for the PAOC’s Licensed Minister/Ordained credential requirements for mature applicants. *


Upon completion of this two-year Church Ministries Certificate program the student shall be able to:

  • demonstrate development of a thoughtful personal philosophy of ministry rooted in Biblical theology and cognizant of contemporary culture;
  • demonstrate an understanding of God’s specific call on his/her life with an awareness of the gifts, strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities he/she may bring to leadership situations;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the Scriptures as well as the many practical and theoretical aspects of Christian ministry;
  • demonstrate a basic level of competence in practical leadership, interpersonal and communication skills expected of leaders; and
  • demonstrate a godly lifestyle and dependence on the enablement of the Holy Spirit.
Bible and Theology - 9 courses or 27 semester hours
BIBL 113 C Hermeneutics THEO 321 C Pneumatology
BIBL 114 C Pentateuch THEO 323 C Doctrine I
BIBL 115 C Gospels THEO 324 C Doctrine II
BIBL 211 C Historical Lit. of the OT THEO 421 C NT Theology
BIBL 212 C Acts of Apostles  
Practics - 7 courses or 21 semester hours
RELS 132 C Introduction to Missions RELS 335 C Pastoral Internship
EDUC 142 C Principles of Teaching RELS 338 C Local Church Leadership
RELS 234 C Preaching RELS 339 C Apologetics
RELS 331 C Pastoral Theology  
General Studies - 4 courses or 12 semester hours
HIST 172 C History of Canadian Pentecostals HIST 260 C Church History
PHIL C 210 Ethics RELS 332 C Christianity and Culture

* Individuals should contact their local PAOC District Office to determine if they may qualify as a mature credential applicant.

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