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The Pastoral Ministries Diploma consists of 90 semester hours of required and elective courses. The Pastoral Ministries major is for those students called to full-time ministry and desire the minimum formal Bible College education required by the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada for ministerial credentials and eventual ordination.

Those who graduate from this program will have a sound preparation in Bible and Theology (39 semester hours), Practics (30 semester hours) and General Studies (21 semester hours). This program includes individual mentoring.


Upon completion of this 3 year Pastoral Ministries program the student shall be able to:

  • demonstrate development of a thoughtful personal philosophy of ministry rooted in Biblical theology and cognizant of contemporary culture;
  • demonstrate an understanding of God’s specific call with an awareness of the gifts, strengths, weaknesses and vulnerabilities they may bring to pastoral ministry;
  • demonstrate an understanding of the Scriptures as well as the many practical and theoretical aspects of vocational Christian ministry;
  • demonstrate a basic level of competence in the practical leadership, interpersonal and communication skills expected of pastors; and
  • demonstrate an exemplary godly lifestyle and an ongoing dependence on the enablement of the Holy Spirit.
Course Requirements & Curriculum

Bible and Theology - 13 courses or 39 semester hours

BIBL 113 C Hermeneutics THEO 321 C Pneumatology
BIBL 114 C Pentateuch THEO 323 C Doctrine I
BIBL 115 C Gospels THEO 324 C Doctrine II
BIBL 211 C Historical Lit. of the OT THEO 421 C NT Theology
BIBL 212 C Acts of the Apostles THEO 422 C Old Testament Theology
BIBL 311 C Pauline Literature  
Bible Elective  
Bible Elective 

Practics - 10 courses or 30 semester hours

BUSI 111 C Church Administration & Business RELS 234 C Preaching
RELS 132 C Introduction to Missions COUN 245 C Counselling Foundations I
RELS 133 C Religious Conversion RELS 331 C Pastoral Theology
EDUC 142 C Principles of Teaching RELS 334 C Leadership Development
RELS 239 C Apologetics RELS 335 C Pastoral Internship

General Studies - 7 courses or 21 semester hours

PHIL 105 C Introduction to Philosophy HIST 260 C Church History
PSYC 106 C Introduction to Psychology RELS 332 C Christianity and Culture
HIST 172 C History of Canadian Pentecostals ENGL 102 C Academic & Theological Composition
PHIL 210 C Ethics  
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