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Why don't Summit Pacific College Distance Education credits count towards the BA in Religion?

  • The BA in Religion is an on-campus track. The BA in Religion is offered in affiliation with Trinity Western University. TWU instructors come onto Summit’s campus and teach the General Education courses required for the BA in Religion.

Is it possible to do some of my studies through Summit Pacific College Distance Education and then complete my degree on campus?

  • Summit Pacific College accepts up to 20 courses (60 credit hours) for credit towards a degree program from Summit Pacific Distance studies towards a B.Th. degree (See note above regarding the BA in Religion).

How long does each course take?

  • The typical student can complete a course within 2 to 4 months, depending on the hours a student can dedicate to study. It is recommended that a student try to plan a minimum of at least one hour per day for studies, but more time will, of course, speed the process.
  • As a very rough guideline: a student taking a course with a class would probably be expected to spend from 75 to 90 hours in classes, doing homework, and writing papers and exams.
  • All courses have a final completion deadline of four (4) months. When the student orders a course, a letter is included with the course materials stating the course start date and completion deadline.

Can students who reside outside of Canada enroll in Summit Pacific Distance Education?

  • • Summit Pacific College Distance Education does not accept applicants from outside of Canada

Further questions?

  • Questions should be directed to Dr. C. A. Coats, Distance Education Director.
    Telephone: (604) 851-7212 or 1-800-976-8388
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