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Licensed / Ordained Minister
Pastoral Ministries Degree and Pasoral Ministries Diploma fulfill the academic requirment of this credential.

Systematic Theology (15 Credits) Ministry Formation (12 Credits)
THEO321 Pneumatology * RELS133 Religious Conversion
THEO323 Doctrine I RELS234 Preaching *
THEO324 Doctrine II RELS335 Pastoral Internship *
THEO421 New Testament Theology  
THEO 422 Old Testament Theology  
  General Studies (21 Credits)
Bible (24 Credits) PHIL105 Intro to Philosophy
BIBL113 Hermeneutics * PSYC106 Intro to Psychology
BIBL114 Pentateuch BUS111 Church Business & Administratioin *
BIBL115 Gospels HIST172 History of Canadian Pentecostals *
BIBL211 Historical Literature of the OT PHIL210 Ethics *
BIBL212 Acts of the Apostles HIST260 Church History *
BIBL311 Pauline Literature RELS332 Christianity & Culture *
BIBL312 Major Prophets  
BIBL413 Minor Prophets  
Practical Studies (18 Credits)  
RELS132 Introduction to Missions *  
EDUC142 Principles of Teaching *  
RELS 231 C Youth Leadership  
COUN245 Counselling Foundations I  
RELS334 Leadership Development *  
RELS331 Pastoral Theology *  

* Required Course

Recognition of Ministry Credential
Leadership, Youth Leadership ROMER and ROMER Certificate Programs fulfill the academic requirements of this credential.

Systematic Theology (9 Credits) Practical Studies (6 Credits)
THEO321 Pneumatology * RELS331 Pastoral Theology *
THEO323 Doctrine I EDUC142 Principles of Teaching
THEO324 Doctrine II  
  General Studies (3 Credits)
Bible (9 Credits) HIST172 History of Canadian Pentecostals *
BIBL115 Gospels  
BIBL211 History of Israel Ministry Formation (3 Credits)
BIBL113 Hermeneutics * RELS234 Preaching *

* Required Course

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