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This certificate is for those who desire to serve in ministry to the emerging generations (ages 11-25) but are unable to attend Summit because of distance. It is practical in nature and meant to be completed while working (paid or volunteer) in a church. It includes an emphasis on practical theology, communication, adolescent issues and development. The certificate requires 15 courses that will educate and equip youth ministry workers. This certificate fulfills the academic requirements of the PAOC’s Recognition of Ministry Credential. Five of the courses listed are required (indicated by *). The others are highly recommended, but some choice is possible.


Upon completion of this program, the student shall be able to:

  • integrate essential knowledge and skills needed for youth related vocations;
  • articulate a Biblical philosophy and strategy of youth ministry and leadership;
  • understand contemporary issues, trends, and needs of students and their families;
  • communicate effectively with varying audience levels;
  • model effective leadership skills in terms of both programs and relationships for ministry;
  • equip youth for the Great Commission discipleship; and,
  • nurture the practice of ministry in the power of the Spirit.
Bible and Theology - 6 courses or 18 semester hours
BIBL 113 C Hermeneutics * THEO 321 C Pneumatology *
BIBL 114 C Pentateuch THEO 323 C Doctrine I
BIBL 115 C Gospels THEO 324 C Doctrine II
Practics - 8 courses or 24 semester hours
EDUC 142 C Principles of Teaching RELS 331 C Pastoral Theology*
RELS 232 C Contemporary Youth Issues RELS 334 C Leadership Development
RELS 234 C Preaching * RELS 432 C Career Youth Leadership
EDUC 244 C Adolescent Development RELS 432 C Career Youth Leadership
Practics - 1 course or 3 semester hours
HIST 172 C History of Canadian Pentecostals *  
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